Preserving Peace Wellness Retreat

June 21st-June 25th 2024


Are you living in fear? Are you in a cycle of dysfunctional situationships? Have people betrayed you? Has your family dismissed your traumas and challenges? Have you compromised yourself to please everyone in your life? Are you constantly looking for validation outside of yourself? How many relationships have you entered, given everything away, and left nothing for yourself? Do you lack boundaries? Has shame and guilt kept you playing small when you needed to be thinking BIG?

Then this retreat is for you and I invite you to come join us for our upcoming retreat in the beautiful medicine center of Bali.

Reclaiming Our Power from all those who took it or who we gave it away to knowingly or unknowingly. “Someone almost walked away with all of our stuff and didn’t even know they had it.” We are reclaiming our divine feminine power. We are making a bold and powerful declaration to commit to the ultimate abundance that is our birthright.  

We are closing the door to our suffering and the victimization we have allowed ourselves to live in. We call back our power from any person, place, dimension, or energetic being. 

We will walk away from this retreat experience, having learned how to release trapped emotions, set boundaries with those we love, shift our perspective from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, and take complete ownership over our life. 

It all starts within you, sis. We redirect our thoughts, emotions, and habits that will allow us to change our energy and vibration. We are RECLAIMING OUR POWER!

Mission: Preserving Peace Wellness Retreats was curated out of the healing journey of one black woman who experienced the power of Sacred Sisterhood and bringing black women together to dismantle and dissolve themselves from the chains of the world to be able to live a prospering and nourishing life. Preserving Peace Wellness is curated to guide black women into the depths of their being to explore all that has been lost and forgotten. During these retreats, we will give our sisters the tools to become increasingly aware of what’s happening inside and around us. We are awakening from unconsciousness and, as a collective, consciously connecting to spirit, source, and energy. Our retreats are not about finding ourselves but rediscovering, reconnecting, and remembering every aspect of ourselves to live a more fulfilled and abundant life. While attending the retreats, sisters can expect to connect with other black women through meditation, yoga, dance, circle gatherings, holistic eating, spiritual rituals, and connecting to nature. Our intention is not to be on vacation but to create a restorative, recharging, and free environment that allows us to return home to our self-sanctuary. Sis, this is a call, a movement for those who desire to connect to their inner being, activate their femininity, and reclaim and preserve their peace.



Meet the Tribe Practitioners

 Chyna Te’Aira is the CEO of Preserving Peace,LLC which is a healing arts collective of practitioners focused on sound healing, holistic wellness, and personal development in mind, body and soul. Chyna Te’Aira has dedicated her life to honoring and choosing the power of purpose through her journey healing through the arts and being a divine reflection of every person she meets. Cultivating safe spaces for black wombman to come together in harmony and love and heal. 

Chyna has taught yoga for four years and has been practicing for several years and has a fountain of knowledge to share. Her teaching focuses on the essence of yoga which is an instrument to reveal the greater truth of our divine existence, the spiritual being. Chyna has been trained in and teaches Mystical Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Trauma Informed Focus, Restorative Flow, and Jiivana (L.I.F.E.) Yoga. 

She loves to create a playful and easy flow in all her classes. Using the power of laughter, breath, journaling, dance, and music to be the foundation for a nurturing and whole environment meeting the motion and non-motion Asana to meet ourselves deeply. Chyna always provides this gentle reminder for her students before every class “Today we are here as a version we have never been allowing ourselves to exist in this present moment free and open. We let go of perfection, and judgement, and meet ourselves with love and curiosity. We are the flower blooming today absorbing all the sun that shines upon us. Breathe in, Breathe out, Let it go and Let’s flow.”

Chyna believes that blending various healing modalities creates an overall holistic and wholeness within all beings. Additionally, Chyna has worked in the mental health field for the past decade having worked with adults, children (and their parents), families, & couples. She focuses on anxiety, depression, crisis, substance abuse, personal growth, fostering healthier behaviors, trauma, LGBTIQ+ affirming, and grief.

Hello beautiful people! My name is Unique Jordan. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner of A Unique Perspective LLC. I have been providing therapy services for more than ten years working with individuals, groups, and families. I began a professional journey in my home city of Chicago, graduating with my master’s degree at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I support persons who are working through trauma, anxiety, addiction, depression, unaddressed childhood concerns, and boundary setting/interpersonal skills.

My private practice has been dedicated to raising the awareness of mental health in an approach where the conversation is normalized and digestible. My life’s purpose is to uplift the voices for those who have felt muted. My mission to empower those who have felt overlooked/invisible, feel seen. I create a space of collaboration where others can learn to live more happily, free, and honest in their skin.

The Retreat:

Boundaries may feel trendy, but the reality is that our bodies have sensed the discomforts way before our society has recently given it a name. Culturally we have been taught to self-sacrifice, “push through” the pain, and suffer in silence for the sake of others. Unfortunately, this has been a detriment to our mental health. I am looking forward to providing education on the various kinds of boundaries, communication styles, how to create healthier relationships with others, and ultimately yourself. After leaving the retreat, my goal is that you have clearer insight into how setting boundaries are an essential tool to your growth and inner peace.


Join Us!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, vaccinations are required to enter Indonesia. To stay updated with COVID requirements, please visit this link.

June 21st-June 25th 2024. Ubud, Bali. The exact location of the retreat will be sent via email after booking.

Yes, it is required to purchase Visa on Arrival. The VOA and e-VOA are valid for 30 days, and that visa can be extended for another 30 days in Indonesia (60 days in total). The VOA and e-VOA visa both cost 35 USD and can be paid in IDR, EUR, AUD, or USD. For a VOA, we recommend that you bring cash to the airport.

For additional information please visit the following sites.

To apply for the retreat, please use the link provided below. Once you have applied, you will receive an email from us to schedule your appointment. We encourage you to be deposit ready when you apply so that you can reserve your space. 

All of our participants will have their own private room. 

Please note that all payments made towards the retreat are non-refundable. We encourage our sisters to purchase travel insurance to protect their investment in case of any unexpected circumstances. However, if you are unable to attend the retreat at the scheduled time, your payment will be credited towards an upcoming retreat. If there is a payment difference for the upcoming retreat, we will provide you with options to complete the payment. We understand that life can be unpredictable, and our goal is to support our sisters on their journey in any way we can.

If something comes up after you have already purchased flight/retreat space, you should cancel via your insurance, and no cancellation refund will be offered by PPW. Should there be any cancellations because of the government authorities or airlines deter participants’ travel during the scheduled dates, PPW will honor the original agreement at a later date within one calendar year (depending on availability) from the originally scheduled dates. Any payment previously deposited will be held, and any remaining payments will be scheduled according to the new retreat dates.

The full price is $3200.

Preserving Peace Wellness Retreat
(retreat valued at $5,000)
$450 Deposit Reserves Your Spot

Payment Break Down
Your deposit of $450 reserves your space.
Once your deposit is placed down, you will have a remaining balance of six equal payments to be made of $450.

The payment amounts above are our only options, and smaller payments will not be accepted.
You are also welcome to get it out of the way and make any payments in full.

Please Note: Our spaces fill up fast. If there are spaces left in April and you book the retreat after April, the payment breakdown will change, and your payments will be due earlier

Marijuana is criminalized in Indonesia. Therefore, herbal remedies are not welcomed. We are asking everyone to participate in sustaining and detoxing from any inhibitions.

Our yoga classes are created for all levels. We do encourage you to open yourself up to begin practicing/stretching to align familiarity in your mind and body.

You will fly into the Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS).

The itinerary will be sent to you via email once you have booked and confirmed your spot.

We are excited to offer a comprehensive and transformative retreat experience that includes housing accommodation, transportation to and from the airport, 3 daily meals, introspective workshops, massages, daily yoga and sound healing, cultural excursions and many more activities designed to support your journey of healing and self-discovery.

Please note that the following items are not included in the retreat price: round trip airfare, travel/trip cancellation, any meals not included in the retreat details, individual tips to service providers, and any activities not included in the retreat program. We encourage our sisters to plan their travel accordingly and purchase travel insurance to protect their investment in case of any unexpected circumstances. We want our sisters to fully enjoy their retreat experience without any unexpected expenses, and we are committed to providing transparent and clear information about what is and is not included in the retreat price.

You should arrive the first day in the morning around noon. Check-in time will be 2 pm. We would like everyone to arrive around the same time to begin together. It is a 1 ½ drive from the airport to our location.
If you would like to book a day before to rest from any jet lag or stay a few days after, you are allowed to do that on your own accord.

Check out will be at 12 pm.

It’s best to book your flight at least three months before travel. Travel hack before booking a round trip to see if one-way flights are cheaper. (Skyscanner, Hopper, Momondo, Wherefor. These are just a few options to explore flight deals).

Once you book your chosen dates, you will be sent an email to sign up for a personal call to answer all questions and determine if this retreat is a good fit for you.

A packing list will be sent to you via email after booking.

PPW will not accept liability for any injury or otherwise from your participation in this program. As with any physical activity, the risk of injury is always present and cannot be eliminated. If you experience any pain or discomfort, you agree to listen to your body, adjust the posture or stop altogether.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Preserving Peace Wellness Retreat is not a substitute for psychological or personal therapy.

Most of our tribe practitioners are not certified or licensed clinical professionals. However, they are experienced and trained in their practice. We may have a clinical professional at some of our retreats, and we will let you know, however, this is not intended to replace any personal mental health-related concerns.
It is essential that you retain full responsibility for your own physical and general well-being in applying instructions during any guided program or class. If you have any history of mental health concerns, please make an intuitive decision and consult with your medical professional to ensure you are in alignment to attend this retreat. If you want to be assessed, diagnosed, or treated for any medical or mental health disease or condition, this retreat may not be for you. We invite you to lean into the holistic wellness tools of self and those that will be taught to support your inner healing, self-regulation, and spiritual growth.